Corporate Travel

At Aussie Limousine Hire, we take care of all your requirements for corporate transfers. So you can relax while our experienced staff plan your corporate transfers Sydney.

Aussie Limousine Hire provides a host of corporate travel services for all corporate events such as Inauguration ceremonies, resource development events, product launches, recreational events and others. Each event is planned and tailored to your requirement in detail. We can transfer moderate to large parties of delegates from event venues to their hotels or homes in our exclusive corporate limousines.

In addition, an Account Manager will be designated to look after all your needs or any last minute change of plans, so that things get done on time and in an orderly manner. Last but not least, don’t you worry the budget getting stretched, as Aussie Limousine Hire has a big range of packages, meant for all types of budget. Book online or call at 1300 737 553 (lines are open 24/7).